Product and price optimisation tool for Amazon sellers

Powerful Features

AB Testing

Optimize your product presentation and improve conversion rate. Create multiple variants of product with different prices, titles, descriptions, bullet points and images. We automatically change Amazon listing for you, track sales and find the best one.

Price Optimizations

Find the perfect price for your product with no effort. We automatically and continuously test multiple prices to find the perfect and most profitable price.

Price Testing

Easily find right prices that lead to more sales and profit. Price tests are similar to AB tests but they are completely focused on finding the right price based on your your preferences.

Daily Push

Organize daily deals and drive your sales rank through the roof. With daily push campaign you pick a deal price and set a number of maximum orders per day for specified price. Ideal for steady inventory clearing and boosting sales.

Worldwide Reach

Why Us?

We care

We are customer driven business so we care for your success and satisfaction because your success is our success. Our support team is always here for you and your opinion is what matters the most when we're improving our service.

Simple and Efficient

Our app is simple to use and understand. We are focused on useful things. You get useful tips so you can start optimizing your Amazon listings quickly. Our goal is is clear - do more in less time.

Great Value


2 credits
14 Day Trial
39.00 EUR


Expert Seller

10 credits
14 Day Trial
69.00 EUR


Amazing Seller

25 credits
14 Day Trial
119.00 EUR


Best Seller

100 credits
14 Day Trial
329.00 EUR


*With each plan you get certain amount of credits. You use credits to create product campaigns. When your campaign ends you get your credit points back.